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Here I share a little bit about ' WHO' 'I am,  & 'WHAT' I do.  But firstly, how to make contact.

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I love to photograph, I love to write and, well yes, I also love drinking coffee.  Handy for you, minus the coffee if you are looking for photos or content, casual or regular writes, promotional or everyday info, for your blogging, online news or print outputs.

Check in and see my style and some samples @ or some everyday review write ups at my weekendnotes column.

Photos for web usage are inexpensive with downloads at $9.95.  For 10 or more photos, please contact me for pricing.

ME, MY CAMERA AND WORDS - making life interesting:

Although I enjoy photographing many things in many ways, I have a particular interest in street photography as it represents the candid the fun portrayals of our everyday lifes. Hence, this site, (just one of my sites) is the place where I get to share with you the spontaneity, along with the character, charm and the moods from the street or random interesting locations, in split second recordings.


Yes, ALL MY PHOTOS ARE FOR SALE as affordable downloads, or contact me for professional prints/Lumi Tiles/prints on Metallic/Acrylic etc

USES: Editorial, Websites, online Blogs, Print. - Personalised POSTCARDS, GIFT CARDS - all available and affordable - please contact me:

YOUR RESOURCES INCLUDE: my global places and faces site for interesting photos from around the world and photos around queensland. AND my gosh, I must admit that have a database of around 70,000 photographs and it seems to be growing. In simple terms I have lots and lots of photos of all kinds of things. If you are after a particular photo that isn't on one of my sites.  Please talk to me as chances are I will have something for you. Photos for your web profiles and news are inexpensive so its an easy solution. (Web downloads at $9.90).  COMMERCIAL USE photos, please contact me for license and selection arrangements.

FOR MORE photography feasting view my menu below;


Explore global destinations with me  @ ourplacesourfaces (interesting places and faces from the world)

View & read quirky street stories @ my lifeinphotos, street journal

And for some beautiful regional photos view some of Queensland @ queenslandphotos site (still an ongoing work in progress)

Content @ writeforweb site & weekendnotes column