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PHOTOS FOR WEB (  is a gallery that is planned and currently being developed to provide you with downloadable photos that can be used for your website, brochures, newsletters and any sort of promotional use.  The gallery will be tailored and simplified for your use.

WRITE for WEB will be a part of the service package where if you are developing a website and you would like your content or part of your content written for you this will be available.   Julie's background in marketing includes provision of written content tailored to suit your needs.  This can generally be done remotely by speaking with you and researching your business type and marketing call.

A limited and sample gallery will be loaded on this site shortly.  If you have any specific image requirements or would like to discuss possibilities, please contact me via this email by clicking here

thank you - Julie White

"keep it simple, stupid" is a division of Photos for Web (

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