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expressions of interest taken by email.

A Street Outing or a general Photo Walk is currently only organised with minimum 6 people and when time is available and if another photographer is available to join. - However see the details below for the "Plan"

The 'Outing Plan' for the street or  general Photo Walk

You would be looking at around a 3 - 3.5 hour session on the street. The plan would be to meet at a designated street location for an initial discussion to talk about how to approach this type of photography, the gear to use, dealing with the people on the street and our 'rights' as street photographers.  You would be give some written information and a brief about our discussions.  Then, we'll take a walk and capture "some of the unscripted" moments that we love, from the street.

Approximate cost would be just $80-$90 per person.

NOTE: that this won't be a session on 'how to use' your camera, it would be expected that you would know the basics.  However relevant camera and setting usage would be discussed.  You would be welcome to come along with any sort of camera, including a 'point and shoot' as the session will be centered around 'how to use the street as your studio" .  (and not the quality of your camera)